CYBER SECURITY - 身辺警護・警備のスペシャリスト G.S.P.Corporation
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We provide the top cyber security service by world standards in Japan.

With the recent increase in cybercrime, more and more companies are installing anti-virus software and taking malware prevention measures.
But is your company fully protected? Even the best security is not perfect.
And do you know how to respond when you are actually damaged?
The chances of your company being compromised are very high and you need to be prepared to respond.
If you are concerned about your current cyber securing situation, feel free to contact us! The world’s highest level cyber security technology, detection dog, Cyber Guardog is here!


About the Cyber Guardog

G.S.P. Corporation has been providing VIP protection and facility security for foreign companies as a global security company in Japan in cooperation and partnership with overseas security companies.
GSP is committed to protect the clients in all areas. GSP has opened the new division called Cyber Guardog. In order to provide the world’s highest level of cyber security in Japan.We will be working with the Israeli Tactical Team of F300, Inc. of the United States.


Why Israeli?


Israeli possesses 40% of the world’s cyber technology and leads the global cyber security environment with its leading technology.
The main reason is Israeli military and Israeli intelligence agency. Most of the founders of the top Israeli security companies currently leading the world started their high-level careers in the Israeli military and Israeli intelligence.
With these technologies and know-how make F-300 a premier security company that plays a modern and extremely important in the field of military and counterintelligence-based cybersecurity.
First, we conduct a penetration test of the client’s environment to find out what the problems are and what is needed. This is just like the military conducting reconnaissance and building specific operations based on the information gathered.
CyberGuardog combines the military approach with technology to provide 360-degree protection against all types of attacks.