risk consulting - 身辺警護・警備のスペシャリスト G.S.P.Corporation
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risk consulting

Our experienced advisors for global crisis management propose programs to deter, prevent, and avoid a wide variety of risks and crises. In addition to in-depth research in advance, we provide risk management from the client’s perspective by our staff of law enforcement alumni.


We provide consulting services on governance checks and assessments, from physical security (including PSA & CCTV installation planning) to information security (including cyber security). We can help you build BCM/BCP based on disaster prevention management (including countermeasures against infectious diseases) and strengthen resilience management.


We provide advice on how to respond to internal fraud, ethics and code violations, and other threats and attacks, including information leaks. We also provide wiretap detection services and information management advisory services.


We also provide advisory services for problems and incidents involving individual staff members of your company, and offer detailed risk consulting services for the risks that your company faces.