Local crime prevention patrol activities - 身辺警護・警備のスペシャリスト G.S.P.Corporation
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Local crime prevention patrol activities

We work closely with local police departments and crime prevention volunteer groups, and actively participate in local crime prevention campaigns and other event activities.

Crime prevention are generally considered to be the role of public organizations such as police and local public organizations. However the “activities at the community level” are essential to curb crime in the area.


Our employees are working to realize a safe and secure city by conducting local crime prevention activities, utilizing the experience, technology, and human resources we have cultivated through our business of personal protection and risk consulting.


G.S.P. Corporation, are committed to community-based activities through “crime prevention patrols,” ” local volunteer activities,” and “local cleanup activities”.

《 Registered Organizations 》

  • Daitokyo Crime Prevention Network
  • Yotsuya Security Liaison Association
  • Yotsuya Crime Prevention Association

Local clean-up activities


Crime prevention patrol