security policy - 身辺警護・警備のスペシャリスト G.S.P.Corporation
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security policy


Ensuring the security of your personal information is not only our responsibility, but we view it as a business requirement. We treat all of our customer’s information as private information and protect all information entrusted to us from threats and accidents, including natural disasters and crime. We are always strengthening our security systems and policies, as we believe managing and protecting your privacy is one of our most important responsibilities.


1. Management’s Responsibility

We will establish an information security management system under the leadership of management, and strive to maintain, improve, and enhance information security.


2. Appropriate management of information assets

We recognize the importance of the information assets in our possession, conduct risk assessments, and manage them appropriately.


3. Employee Initiatives

In order to strictly manage the information assets in our possession, we ensure that our employees acquire knowledge and skills related to information security and thoroughly implement information security initiatives.


4.Business Continuity Management

We shall formulate a business continuity plan to ensure the early resumption of business activities by responding immediately to interruptions in business activities caused by disasters, accidents, and other incidents that may occur to our information systems.


5.Compliance with laws, regulations, and contractual requirements

We shall comply with laws, regulations, rules, and contractual obligations related to information security. We will take strict action against those who violate laws, regulations, and contracts related to information security, in accordance with our internal rules.


6. Thorough Auditing and Continuous Improvement

In order to verify the thoroughness of our information security measures, we will conduct regular self-inspections and internal audits, always keep up with employee training, and continuously improve our information security management system.

February 1, 2022 G.S.P. Corporation